#BNICE -- Tampa Charity Recycles Flowers To Bring Happiness To Many

This is a cool idea for a great way to pay it forward & #bNice to others. Random Acts of Flowers is a non-profit group that recycles floral arrangements into beautiful bouquets that are delivered to patients at hospitals, senior centers & other healthcare facilities. According to Hooplaha, they take flowers that were given to someone and re-purpose them for someone else, brightening more people’s days with the same flowers.

The idea for Random Acts of Flowers came to founder Larsen Jay after he was in a near-fatal car accident in July 2007. While recovering, he got lots of lovely flowers, but he noticed other patients in the hospital didn’t get any. So he broke his arrangements up into smaller ones and shared them with fellow patients.

When he saw how much of an impact his gesture had on others, he decided to do it on a bigger scale and Random Acts of Flowers was created. Now they have locations in Tampa, Knoxville, Silicon Valley, Chicago, and Indianapolis, where volunteers recycle and re-purpose flowers to spread the cheer.