Shutterstock / Bonitas

April The Giraffe Breaks YouTube Records; Kicks Vet In Latest Video

For the past 2 months, April the giraffe, has had people glued to YouTube, while awaiting the birth of her baby boy, who finally arrived this past Saturday. Well, it turns out, her live stream from Animal Adventure Park in New York, broke records with YouTube announcing yesterday that it is the second-most-watched live channel ever, behind only Riot Games' League of Legends eSports channel. April has over 232 million live views, with more than 1.2 million watching when the baby was born--coming in as one of the top five most-watched moments ever for a YouTube live event -- and 14 million tuning in at some point that day. The channel was also the fifth-fastest to reach 200 million views, taking 54 days.

Now, the latest video of April circulating is of her letting her vet know via a strategically-placed kick that he was getting just a little too close to her baby. After all, wouldn't you be cranky if you'd had no privacy for the past couple of months & had just given birth? Watch the video below.