Massive Sinkhole Opens Up In Land O' Lakes (VIDEO)

UPDATE (1:00pm): The sinkhole has continued to expand and swallowed the street in front of both homes that that have been destroyed.

Authorities estimate that the hole is between 50 and 100 feet deep.

Per 10 News, officials from Pasco county as well as the Red Cross are on scene.

Sky 9 Video: Land O' Lakes 200 ft. sinkhole

Here's footage from our Sky 9 helicopter showing an aerial view of the sinkhole in Land O' Lakes that has now destroyed two homes and caused evacuations from homes since earlier this morning.

Posted by Bay News 9 on Friday, July 14, 2017

A gigantic sinkhole has opened up in Land O' Lakes. The depression, which has already destroyed two homes, has forced authorities to evacuate eight more families out of caution.

Some estimates say the sinkhole has grown to more than two hundred feet wide.

Courtesy of 10 News reporter Emerald Morrow, here is video of part of one of the homes being swallowed:

Emergency crews are on the scene at Ocean Pines Drive as the sinkhole continues to grow.