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Taylor Swift Has Vanished And Left Only Blank Spaces

Okay, bad joke. But there are no suitcases to be carried out of - her social media images are now gone.

Her Twitter has no profile picture.

Her Instagram is completely blank.

Her Tumblr has no content.

Her Facebook lacks a profile picture.

Her website has been completely wiped clean.

BuzzFeed on Twitter

All of Taylor Swift's social media accounts are gone and people are freaking out

This can only mean 2 things:

Taylor Swift's new album is coming and she wants the buzz to be huge.


She's turned to the tactics that people use when they get too stressed out and leave social media.


We're thinking it's probably a new album, which on the tail end of her winning case in court, it's the perfect time to drop it, wouldn't you say? Not to mention this tidbit about Taylor Swift on GMA:

Pop Crave on Twitter

Taylor Swift's channel on DIRECT TV listed down an appearance on GMA for TOMORROW! #TS6IsComing


There's only one guess:

Tiffany Taylor on Twitter

On the 3 year anniversary of @taylorswift13 announcing '1989,' she has deleted all her social media accounts and this is me. #TS6ISCOMING


If Amy Cooper were a jelly doughnut, she would be a 'Sarcasm-filled Doughnut.'