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Girls Can Now Officially Join The Boy Scouts

Yesterday, on International Day of the Girl, the Boy Scouts organization made an historic announcement--they're letting girls join. In a statement on their website, the BSA said that the values and leadership lessons the organization teaches are important for both boys and girls. And they say that the change will help busy parents with time…

Movie Trailer: Star Wars Ep. 8: The Last Jedi

As we inch closer to the release of the next installment in the Star Wars saga, another breadcrumb was dropped during Monday Night Football last night. If you missed or just haven't had the chance to over-analyze it frame-by-frame, here's the latest trailer for Episode 8 "The Last Jedi."

Yahoo Says ALL Accounts Affected By 2013 Security Breach

Remember that big Yahoo security breach a few years ago? Well, it turns out that it was way worse than they originally thought. According to the New York Times, yesterday, Yahoo revealed that ALL 3 billion accounts that they had at the time were affected. Originally, when the 2013 hack was announced last December, they'd…

More People Than Thought Could Be Affected By Equifax Hack

More people may have been affected by that Equifax hack than initially had been predicted. According to Business Insider, the global information solutions company said yesterday that as many as 2.5 million more Americans may have been affected by the recent security breach of personal information. That brings estimates to around 145-5 million people who's…