6th Annual Backstreet Boys Cruise Is A Go

How could this get any better? Backstreet Boys + all you can eat buffets + chillaxin on a cruise ship???? If you're a fan of the Backstreet Boys, you'll be excited to know that they're hitting the open seas again. They're going to be hosting their 6th annual Backstreet Boys cruise next year from May 3rd…

8 Underrated Prince Songs

On year ago today (April 21), we were all shocked at the news that legendary singer Prince had passed away. To honor the life and talents of the wonderful musician, here are 8 of his most underrated tunes. So, turn up the volume and jam out! He can definitely see you singing from heaven!

Watch: Harry Styles Takes Over SNL

We may not officially have confirmation that Harry Styles's new song "Ever Since New York" is about Taylor Swift, but we do know that he performed it perfectly on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.