Coffee-Infused Bed Sheets To Help You Sleep Better???

A company has come up with an idea for bed sheets that are infused with coffee that are supposed to be the thing that dreams are made of. Now, don't get me wrong--I love all things coffee...the delightful taste, the divine aroma & the little kick it gives me to come out of my cocoon…

Famed Bradenton Manatee "Snooty" Has Passed Away

Sad news this morning. Snooty the Manatee has passed away. He just celebrated his 69th birthday this past Friday at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton. According to Fox 13, his death wasn't caused by an illness, but rather by a tragic accident. Snooty had been a resident at the South Florida Museum since the…

Comic Con: "Justice League" trailer

There's no doubt that this year's "Wonder Woman" stand alone movie was a huge success. We won't have to wait too much longer to see her on the big screen, as "Justice League," featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman & the Flash, is due out this November. Watch below:

Comic Con: "Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

Comic Con in San Diego is traditionally a treasure trove when it comes to getting a glimpse of upcoming new movies & TV shows--and this year does not disappoint! They debuted a new trailer for the next "Thor" movie, "Thor: Ragnarok," which is due in theaters this November 3rd. Watch below:  

Our Take On This Week's Disney News, Park Changes & How Riding A Roller Coaster Could Change Your Love Life -- Chadd & Kristi's Theme Parks & Recs Podcast Episode 9

In this week's episode of "Chadd & Kristi's Theme Parks & Recs" podcast, we chat with a former Hollywood Studios cast member who weighs in on Star Wars Land, as well as the Great Movie Ride going away; our thoughts on the rest of the big changes coming to the Disney theme parks; Disney's newest…
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The FBI Has A Big Warning For Parents To Watch Out For These Toys

The FBI is out with a big warning for parents about some toys your kids might be playing with every day. According to Consumerist, the FBI put out an announcement telling parent to beware if their child plays with "smart toys and entertainment devices." They say there are vulnerabilities that "smart" toys present, including privacy…

Heat Partly To Blame For Alligator Attacks In SW Florida

Turns out that we're not the only ones that get cranky from the heat. The Florida Wildlife Commission says that the high temps are partly why even alligators seem a bit more agitated lately & may even be some of the reason why there have been a recent string of gator attacks in Southwest Florida.…