Robot's Trick Will Blow Your Mind

It is just mind-blowing--and sometimes scary--where we are with technology in 2017. According to Tech Crunch, Boston Dynamics is showing off the latest feat accomplished by its' Atlas robot and it's pretty amazing.  Watch its' latest trick: Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot is a parkour master by @etherington — TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) November 16, 2017

How To Fix That Annoying iPhone Bug That's Autocorrecting "I"

Have you noticed that really annoying autocorrect on your iPhone that happens when you type an "i" and it gets replaced with an A followed by a question mark? I noticed it a couple of days ago, shortly after I downloaded Apple's latest IOS update. Well, apparently a lot of other people noticed it, too.…

Beware Of Fake Netflix E-mail Scam

If you're a fan of binge-watching Netflix, beware...there's a new e-mail scam to be aware of. According to, there are reports of millions of people getting a phishing e-mail with the subject line, "Your suspension notification."  It tells you that your account has been suspended and directs you to click to update your account…