The Newest Pumpkin Spice Latte For...Our Pets????

Any day now we are going to be hit with a barrage of everything Pumpkin Spice. There are the things we traditionally expect: Starbucks drinks (they're debuting a new ready-to-drink Iced PSL soon), cookies, candies, pancakes, muffins, doughnuts, etc. However, there's something new & really unexpected making its' debut this season--and it's not even for people.…

Everyone is Falling in Love With This Enormous Cat

Being on the internet, you know that many people are somewhat cat obsessed. Well, their favorite group of felines just grew by one. Thanks to the Chatham County Animal Shelter in Pittsboro, North Carolina, the internet has fallen in love with an obese cat.

The Best Thing: A Couple And Their Cats Recreate Movie Scenes Together

A cat-loving couple named Dave and Sarah have taken their love of both movie trivia and cats to an adorable new level! Their Instagram account, @moviecats, is loaded with hilarious versions of iconic movie scenes re-enacted with the help of the kitties. The posts are hilarious and the cats are adorable - but there's no…

Take Your Pet To Work Week Treat

This week is Take Your Pet To Work Week that will culminate on Friday with Take Your Dog To Work Day--and there's one restaurant chain that's getting in on the fun by offering some freebies to dogs. According to Chewboom, Einstein Bros Bagels has a new "Dogs Eat Free" deal they're doing, so you can…

10 Hilarious Cat Videos

June is Adopt a Cat Month! In order to celebrate the holiday, here are 10 hilarious cat videos. Hopefully one of these videos will inspire you to go to your local animal shelter and adopt your new BFF.

Viral Video: Tiny Kitty Loves Bath Time

This is a perfect way to start off your Monday--especially a cloudy Monday with a chance of rain. This viral video is from a couple of years ago (2015), but it is making the rounds again. Cute little Clover the kitten LOVES bath time. Talk about totally relaxed. But I love how its' little paws…

VIDEO: Kitty + Tiny Puppy = Adorable Moment

Sometimes you just need a big dose of adorable to get your work week started...especially when it's a short week and you're going to be cramming a lot in to it. Well, this is one of the cutest videos I've seen in a while. Watch below.