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Alex Rodriguez Finally Comes Clean About Dating J. Lo

We've seen pictures of them vacationing together in exotic locales so the rumors seemed to hold some weight, but Alex Rodriguez has finally 'fessed up about his budding relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

The former Yankees third baseman stopped by The View, where he fielded (pun intended) questions about his new love. A. Rod opened up about his boo's cheat day indulgences and track star past.

Alex Rodriguez Talks Relationship With Jennifer Lopez | The View

Uploaded by The View on 2017-03-31.

Beyond her fondness for chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, Alex Rodriguez was also quick to point out that his girlfriend is a great mom, a dedicated sister, and a Yankees fan, of course. The real question though: what should the pair's celebrity couple name be? Are they A. Lo? J. Rod? Hmm...


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