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12 Phrases You Might Be Using That Make You Come Across As Passive Aggressive

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship, whether it is romantic, just friends or work-related. However, some of the things you might be saying may be sending the wrong message, particularly in your work environment--and even may be making you come across as passive-aggressive. I thought I was a pretty straight forward communicator...that is until I read this Business Insider article from John Rampton at Entrepreneur.

Turns out, I am totally guilty of using 6 of the 12 phrases that could be taken as passive-aggressive and ultimately could do more harm than good. Take for instance, the phrase "No worries." I use that one all the time...and I've always meant it. But, apparently, it doesn't come across that way. Another is one "Just wondering...," which is an indirect way of asking people to inconvenience themselves for you. Click below to read the whole article. You might be surprised at how many you're guilty of.