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Delta Apologizes To Family Kicked Off Flight

The airline industry continues to deal with customer service-related PR nightmares. Delta Airlines is the latest to have to issue an apology--this time to a Southern California family who was forced off a flight last month, according to Reuters. As we told you yesterday, Brian Schear claimed the airline booted him, his wife and toddler off a flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles due to overbooking.

Schear says they bought a ticket for their toddler to use while in his car seat, but Delta employees told him they needed the seat. They reportedly asked the family to hold the baby for the entire flight despite the fact that he bought the seat specifically so his child could ride in the carseat, which is a recommendation on the Delta Airlines website. The particularly infuriating part of this whole ordeal: When he initially refused to give up the seat, Shear said one of the employees could be heard on the video telling the parents they would be tossed in jail – and that the children would be put in foster care – if they didn't deplane.

Delta has now officially issued an apology and promised to give the family a full refund and additional compensation. “Delta's goal is to always work with customers in an attempt to find solutions to their travel issues,” says the company. “That did not happen in this case and we apologize."

Schear reasonably kept his cool, but it is surprising some of the things the employees said to this man. Watch the now-viral video below. There are also a couple of audio clips for you to hear how things unfolded.