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Employees Want More Summer Perks, But More Workplaces Are Not Offering Them

With the summer season, the last thing people want is to be stuck inside working all day. (Not to mention that many are trying to juggle their schedules to make arrangements for kids who are out of school for the summer.) Lucky for some people, some workplaces will reward their employees with summer perks--and a new study says flexibility is the perk most folks want from their bosses.

A survey by Office Team finds that 39% of employees say flexible schedules are the summer benefit they find most appealing, with leaving early on Fridays a close second at 30%. Other perks workers would love in the summer include a more relaxed dress code (18%) and company activities like a picnic or pot luck (10%).

But it appears as though companies are getting a little less generous when it comes to those perks. The survey finds that while 62% of companies do offer employees the chance for a flexible schedule during the summer, that number is down from 75% in 2012. What’s more, only 20% offer summer Fridays, down from 63% in 2012, and 29% are okay with a relaxed dress code, down from 57%.

  • And it seems HR managers aren’t thrilled with employees performance during summer. In fact, 34% say workers are less productive during the season, citing not planning well for vacations (32%), and unexpected absences (22%) as the most common negative employee behavior during summer.