This Little Girl Met Snow White And She Was NOT Thrilled

For many little girls, heading to Disney World and meeting the princesses there is a dream.

If you're a little girl named Kaylin? Eh. She'd rather eat her mac and cheese in peace, thanks. Kaylin was chowing down on a plate full of pasta when Snow White came by to say hello. The princess tried to engage with the young visitor, but Kaylin was not interested. She quickly turned back to her plate and freeze in place, seemingly in hopes of encouraging Snow White to move along and find some other unsuspecting kids to pose with.

lil miss sunshine ???? on Twitter

Homegirls just trynna eat her mac n cheese ????


The interaction prompted a stream of memes that flooded the Internet, and we're all better because of it.


bri on Twitter

Snow White is Monday and the little girl is me.


Javale4MVP on Twitter

@Shanayynayyy_ When your annoying co worker keeps trying to talk to you


Honestly, Kaylin has her priorities straight. Mac and cheese > everything else. Sorry, Snow White.



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