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Unicorn Noodles Are Now A Thing - And They're Actually Healthy

Finally a "unicorn" food trend that is actually pretty healthy--and so aesthetically pleasing. You know all about the recent unicorn latte and the unicorn frappuccino crazes, but the food trends haven’t stopped there. The thing is, a lot of those colorful-hued eats and drinks are hidden sugar bombs, so as pretty as they are, we don’t all want to get in on the trend.

According to the Huffington Post, there's one unicorn food we can proudly take part in, because this multi-colored food is actually healthy: meet unicorn noodles. They’re made with regular noodles, clear or white ones, and they’re naturally dyed. That’s right, no food coloring here.

The key to the color comes from purple cabbage. You boil it on a big pot to release the color and then soak the noodles in the colored water for five to 10 minutes, depending on how dark you want your noodles to become. They’ll turn a lovely shade of blue and get darker the longer you leave them in.

But here’s where it gets unicorny - you can turn the noodles shades of pink and purple by adding a little lemon juice. You squeeze it on and watch the magic happen right in front of your eyes. It’s all because of the acid reacting with a pigment in the purple cabbage, but the result is pretty amazing, and it’s healthy. Get the recipe here.

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