ICYMI: Star-Studded "One Love Manchester" Benefit Concert Raises More Than $3 Million #bNice


Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester” concert went on as planned. Her manager Scooter Braun posted on social media that they decided to go on with the show despite Saturday's terrorist attack in London, writing, “After the events last night in London, and those in Manchester just two weeks ago, we feel a sense of responsibility to honor those lost, injured, and affected,” adding, “We ask the strong city of Manchester and the world to join us in making the statement that hatred and fear will never win. Today we stand together. Thank you.”

More than 60,000 fans filled Old Trafford in Manchester for the star-studded, emotional show--and the Red Cross says more than $3-million was raised during the concert, which brings their emergency fund to almost $12-million.

In a truly poignant moment, Ari performed the ballad, "My Everything" with the Parrs Wood Harmony children's choir, who had some members who were injured in the attack. The performance was led by 12-year-old soloist Natasha Seth, who absolutely stole the spotlight from Ari, blowing the audience away and bringing most of them to tears.

Here are more highlights:

  • Ari also teamed up with Miley Cyrus for Crowded House’s hit, “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” and with the Black Eyed Peas for “Where is the Love.”
  • Ari ended the entire concert with all the performers on stage as she sang “One Last Time,” which she recently released to benefit the victims of the attack, followed by a heartfelt performance “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”
  • Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons opened the show with just his guitar performing the solemn song “Timshel," which features the line "And you are not alone in this / Together, we will stand and we’ll hold your hand."
  • UK band Take That, who are from Manchester, got the audience singing along quickly, opening their set with theor 2006 song "Shine,” followed by "Giants" and "Rule the World."
  • Take That’s original member Robbie Williams followed, hugging his former bandmates as he got to the stage and taking a bow with them. He then performed his 1998 solo hit, "Strong," changing the lyrics to pay tribute to Manchester, singing, "Manchester we’re strong, we're strong, we're strong, we're still singing out song, our song, our song” and got the audience to loudly sing along with him. He also performed his hit, "Angels," with the crowd also singing along and holding up sings that read “For Our Angels.”
  • U2 sent a surprise message for Manchester via videotape from their show in Chicago this weekend. “All our hearts are with Manchester and with the U.K.," Bono said, calling the attacks a "senseless, senseless horror." "There's no end to grief, that's how we know there's no end to love.”
  • Pharrell performed his Daft Punk hit, “Get Lucky,” before being joined by Miley for “Happy” and then Miley performed a new track, “Inspired.” "The most important responsibility we have on this entire planet is to take care of one another," Miley told the crowd. "And look what we're doing today and how amazing that is."
  • One Direction’s Niall Horan, who came out to deafening screams, performed “Slow Hands" and "This Town.” He told the crowd with all his travels he “feels addicted” to Manchester” because they make everyone feel “so welcome.” And noted that seeing everyone rally together last week was “a sight to behold.”
  • Ariana’s manager Scooter Braun came out to say a few words, thanking all the first responders, and bystanders who helped out during the attack. He also thanked the audience for coming out  despite Saturday’s attack in London, offering, “You looked fear right in the face, and you said, no, we are Manchester, and the world is watching.” He also shared a message from a teen named Adam who was injured in the attack, telling the audience “Don’t go forward in anger, love spreads."
  • Stevie Wonder also sent a message to the folks in Manchester,  "We all know that love is truly the key...I don't care what ethnicity you are...what religion you are....Yes, I stand with you Manchester."
  • Katy Perry, wearing a white outfit adorned with pictures of the 22 people who died in the Manchester attack, inspired the crowd with an acoustic version of “Part of Me” and a rousing rendition of “Roar,” telling the crowd, “It's not easy to always choose love, is it? Especially in moments like these, right? But love conquers fear and love conquers hate and this love that you choose will give you strength and it's our greatest power."
  • Justin Bieber with just a guitar performed “Love Yourself,” and "Cold Water" and got the crowd to shout back at him, “We honor you! We love you!” for the attack victims. Justin got emotional and held back tears as he added, “To the families, we love you so much. God is good in the midst of the darkness."
  • Before Coldplay took the stage, a video montage played featuring stars sending their wishes to Manchester, which included appearances by Halsey, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello, Paul McCartney and more.
  • Coldplay started things off on an emotional high, performing Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger” with Ari on stage, the same song that folks at a vigil in St. Ann's Square began singing after a moment of silence for the victims. They also performed their own tunes including “Viva la Vida” and their Chainsmokers collaboration "Something Just Like.”

Robbie Williams breaks down while singing his hit "Angels" at his concert in Manchester Friday and the audience does an AMAZING job helping him finish it.

Here are some highlights from the Associated Press: