#bNice: Helping The Spring Of Tampa Bay

As part of our #bNice program to spread love, positivity and give back to the community, we're looking for opportunities to help out. Recently, we saw on Facebook that The Spring Of Tampa Bay, a sanctuary for victims of domestic violence, is in desperate need of basic supplies. So, our team went shopping to load up on some essentials--diapers, shampoo, conditioner & pillows--to donate. The Spring provides a place to stay for victims of domestic violence, as well as provides support and helps them rebuild their lives. If you can help by making a donation--or if you need help getting out of a dangerous domestic situation, click here to contact The Spring Of Tampa Bay.

And if you or someone you know is making a difference in the community, we want to hear about it. Post on social media how you (or they) are paying it forward and tag it #bNice. Click here to get more info on how to join Chadd & Kristi to #bNice. 

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