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Holiday Road Tripping

Traffic is pretty much a nightmare every day in Tampa Bay, no matter what time of year. But especially now that we're in our busy summer tourist/vacation season, the roads are bound to be even more crowded with visitors, as well as those of us who might be heading out on a road trip. And with the July 4th weekend fast approaching it will be even busier, with a new poll finding that 23% of people are planning a road trip for the holiday weekend.

That's according to Yahoo Finance that also reports that it seems folks are very particular when it comes to what car they’ll get into for all those hours of traveling. In fact,  50% of people say vehicle comfort is the most important factor when choosing a car to take on a road trip, as compared to 35% of people who are more interested in fuel efficiency and 15% who concern themselves with driving performance. And, of course, just how hot your vehicle is can contribute to that comfort, with 31% of drivers saying they cool their car down before they get in, with 61% preferring to use air conditioning on their road trip, while 39% would rather have their windows open. (I'm guessing most of those people don't live in Florida.)

While driver safety is also very important, most admit they are guilty of being distracted behind the wheel. Overall, 33% of folks say they take phone calls while driving, while 28% say they change their music and another 28% check the GPS. Another distraction in the car is fellow passengers, with 18% of folks saying the other people in the car is their biggest distraction while driving.