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On A Scale Of 1-10, How Bridezilla Would You Get If This Happened?

Alfred Angelo Bridal abruptly closed their stores, and it looks like it's for good. 

Without warning, the stores hung closed signs, which honestly would send any bride into a psychotic fit, especially after you'd purchased a dress and had it altered.

One Twitter user even posted that she got a phone call that her dress was ready and came to the store to pick it up and the store was closed with no word.

Felicia on Twitter

So @AlfredAngelo called me last week saying my dress is ready for pick up and today I see this sign. Now what??

Amanda Vito on Twitter

@WCVB @AlfredAngelo is closing its door tonight at 8pm: I have no dress, no refund, and no time frame of when or where my dress will arrive


Luckily some other Bridal stores are pitching in to help, and are offering discounts for the brides that have been left out of luck with no dress:


Chantilly Place on Twitter

We feel awful for these poor brides having to deal with Alfred Angelo closing over night! Please call us to let us help you 978-446-0700


What's even stranger is that no movement has been made on their Twitter page, and no press release has been issued according to BuzzFeed, and that many brides are looking to dispute the charges on their credit card, but she was also notified once she got a hold of someone, that she should contact the attorney in charge.


Seriously, not only would this be a nightmare, but how Bridezilla would you get if this happened to you? I don't even think I'd make 10, I'd go right over to 100.