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The Internet Loses Its' Collective Mind Over Photo Of Passenger's Bare Feet On Plane's Armrests

No doubt we all have an airline nightmare story--whether it is something we have witnessed or personally experienced. I once sat next to a woman who managed to get her legs criss-cross applesauce up on the drop down tray. Gross. (I haven't used the trays since without a thorough wash down with hand sanitizer.)

Well, yesterday, the internet went nuts over the photo one California woman tweeted from her recent flight.

According to Elite Daily, Twitter user @JessieChar tweeted a pic of her travel nightmare from her flight from Long Beach, California, to San Francisco. When she got on the plane she was please to see the 2 seats next to her were empty, tweeting a photo with the caption: "My two favorite people to sit with on a plane."

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. She followed her initial tweet up with another photo--the one below--that showed bare feet sticking through from the seat behind and resting on the armrests of one of the seats next to her. She wrote: "Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare." She then followed that up with a couple more tweets: "You guys will never guess what happened after that. The left foot reached over and opened a window." Good grief.