Court To FAA: Rethink Regulating Airline Seat Size

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

If you've flown anytime recently, you know that airline seats seem to continue to get smaller with no end in sight to the shrinkage. Back in 2007, the average seat was 18 1/2 inches wide. Fast forward to 2017 and they're an 1 1/2 inches slimmer at about 17 inches wide.

Up until now, government officials have declined to intervene, but Fox says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now rethinking their decision after a passenger rights group went to court this past Friday to challenge the FAA for denying its request for them to set some standards when it comes to seat size on airplanes. The Flyers Rights group contends that there's a safety issue with smaller seats because they could slow down emergency evacuations because the seats are so crammed together. They also claim that having less room could up the chance of people getting blood clots.

A 3-judge panel has put it back in front of the FAA & their spokesman says they will look at the issue again to reconsider whether they should put some rules into place.