Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Two Jackpots Over $350M This Weekend

It's a double whammy--both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are at over $300 million. This is a big deal because this is the first time in the past 7 years since both kinds of tickets have been sold at all U.S. lotteries that both have ever offered such big prizes at the same time.

So, here's where we are since there wasn't a winner for either jackpot this week:

Friday night's Mega Millions drawing will be around an estimated $382 million.

Saturday night's Powerball drawing will be worth an estimated $356 million.

So what are your odds of winning? One in 258.9 million for Mega Millions and one in 292.2 million for Powerball. But, your chance is 0% if you don't play.