Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images

BEWARE: Some Solar Eclipse Glasses Sold On Amazon Are Counterfeit; Amazon Issues Warning & Refunds

If you bought some eclipse glasses from Amazon to watch the big event on Monday, here's a heads up. According to CNN Money, Amazon has put out a warning & issued refunds on some of the glasses, saying they're counterfeit & won't protect against eye damage when observing the solar eclipse.

If you purchased some eclipse glasses on the site, you should have received an e-mail alerting you that they "may not comply with industry standards," along with a refund.

Amazon has gone a step further ahead of Monday's eclipse, pulling some other listings out of what they call "an abundance of caution."

If you want to watch the solar eclipse on Monday, you either need to buy a special pair of super dark eclipse sunglasses or you'll need to make NASA's special pin hole camera, using a few items you probably already have at home, including a cereal box.