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5 Roles That Had To Score Morgan Freeman His SAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Morgan Freeman will be receiving a SAG Lifetime Achievement Award this year according to Deadline

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris shared the following statement regarding the award, according to Deadline:

“I am thrilled to announce Morgan Freeman as this year’s recipient of the SAG Life Achievement Award. Some actors spend their entire careers waiting for the perfect role. Morgan showed us that true perfection is what a performer brings to the part. He is innovative, fearless and completely unbound by expectations. As a chauffeur, convicted murderer, boxing gym attendant, pimp or president, Morgan fully realized every character, baring their souls and showcasing their humanity. It has been a privilege to see his genius at work.”


There are so many movies that Morgan Freeman has been in where he completely owned the character. It's hard to narrow them all down to the best roles, but we honestly can say if you haven't seen these 5 films, get on it!




Shawshank Redemption

Driving Miss Daisy


Million Dollar Baby




Congrats to Morgan Freeman!


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