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Who Knew There Were 13 Types Of Internet Trolls?

No doubt we all have had multiple encounters with people on-line that are dead set on dragging us with a snarky--or downright mean--comment on our social media account(s.) But who are these people that spew their vitriol from their keyboard? Turns out there are MULTIPLE types of personalities that are part of the epidemic known as "internet trolls."

According to Men's Health Magazine, there are 13 types of on-line trolls that are just waiting for you to post so they can strike. There's what they call the "proofreader" -- that's a person who doesn't actually comment on your post, but instead corrects your grammar or spelling. Or you have the uber-annoying "worthiness police." That's the person that simply comments something like "who cares" or "shy is this news?" Well, clearly you thought it was of interest if you posted it. Then there's the "angry about something" person, who is just in a rotten mood, so they take it out on your post. Click HERE to see Men's Health's whole list of 13 Types Of Internet Trolls You See Daily.