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The Latest On Hurricane Irma

UPDATE: 8am 9/5/17: Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5 storm

Here's the latest: It is still heading into the northeastern Caribbean--and it is expected to strengthen over the next 5 days.  As it stands, it is still a wait and see because anything could happen. However, in a cautionary move, Governor Scott has declared a state of emergency for all of Florida. So what exactly does this mean? Not to run around screaming and panicking. It just means that should there be a need, the governor has less red tape to go through should he need to authorize aid, supplies, etc.

With that being said, everyone is being urged to make preparations just in case.

Here is a link to our Storm Center for a lot of helpful information for before, during & after a storm, including:

  • Scrolling, regularly updated storm information from NOAA government forecasters
  • Tampa Bay Disaster Planning Guide
  • Individual County Contact Numbers & Website Links (Emergency Management, Red Cross, Animal Services, Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • County Evacuation Maps