NOAA / National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Irma 8AM Update

As we Floridians start preparing for Hurricane Irma, here's the 8AM (9/6/17) update on the storm.

Nothing much has changed since the 5am update. Hurricane Irma is still a cat. 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds still at 185 mph. The cone is still over the entire state of Florida and on its' current path they're predicting that it could come ashore at the Florida Keys or Miami area sometime Sunday afternoon, but forecasters are saying that it won't be until at least tomorrow when we get more of a gauge of what to expect with the storm.

Visit our Storm Center to download the Tampa Bay Disaster Plan that has the info you need to get prepared ahead of the storm, plus what to do during and after the storm. We also have all of the important emergency phone numbers for each Tampa Bay area county.

Click here to see the local closings ABC Action News, our weather partner, has announced so far. 

Here is the latest storm info from NOAA and our weather partner ABC Action News: