Hurricane Irma 5am Update

Hurricane Irma 5am (9/7/17) Update:

We just caught up with meteorologist Greg Dee from our weather partner ABC Action News and Irma is still a category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 180 mph. It is still pretty much on the same track as yesterday.  As far as the path goes, Greg says we're just still waiting for when and where Irma finally takes the turn. If it does stay on our current path, what does that mean to the Tampa Bay area? Polk County would probably feel 75 mile an hour wind gusts, while the Tampa Bay area would probably feel wind gusts in the 40-50 mph winds.

Here are local closures, including schools, from our weather partner, ABC Action News. (The Bucs-Dolphins season opener this weekend in Miami has been postponed until November 19th.) 

ABC Action News Hurricane Hacks