Friday 5am Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma 5am (Friday 9/8/17) Update:

Irma is a category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 155 mph--but forecasters say that it could intensify again. According to Greg Dee from our weather partner ABC Action News, the path has not moved that much. On its' current track, Irma is moving toward the Florida Keys and could move straight up through the state with current forecast having the storm in the Tampa Bay area late Sunday/early Monday, possibly as a category 2 hurricane. There's a hurricane watch in effect from Pinellas County and to the south. Pinellas County evacuations begin this morning at 6 for ZONE 1 only.

Check our Storm Center to continue to stay up-to-date and get info on evacuation zones, sandbag locations, what to do before, during & after the storm, a printable list of important county-specific emergency phone numbers, how to take care of your pet during a hurricane and some great hurricane hacks from ABC Action News.

Here is the latest from meteorologist Greg Dee, plus his prediction for power outages from the storm in the Tampa Bay area: