#bNice: Yup, There's A New App For That

If you're feeling fatigued over all the negativity being spewed by trolls, there's a new app that might help you keep things on the positive side. According to Newserthe "TBH" app, which stands for "to be honest," focuses on being nice by letting users send anonymous compliments to their contacts. So how do they keep the trolls away? The way it works is the app will pose a question like "Who's always nice to talk to?" or "Best shoulder to lean on." Four of your friends will pop up and you select one.

The app that landed at the top of the free apps list in the Apple App store was specifically designed with teens in mind as a way to boost the self esteem of kids, but adults can also have some fun with it. If you have an Android phone, a version of the app is on the way for you soon.