Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

Drink Garnishes & Ice Grosser Than You Think

Well, this is just gross. There's a new study out about the cleanliness of that fruit that is used to garnish our drinks and it is not good. According to The Conversation, Clemson University researchers tested some lemon wedges and ice cubes. Turns out that when wet lemons were put in drinks by people with E. coli-contaminated hands, that bacteria was transmitted into the drinks 100% of the time. And dry lemon slices contaminated the drinks 80% of the time. For ice, the bacteria was transferred up to 67% when servers used their hands and 83% of the time when they used a scooper.

And if you're having an alcoholic beverage and counting on it to sterilize any nastiness from ice or lemons...that's a big nope.