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Hate Your New Job? Here's How Long You Should Stay Before Quitting

So you got what you thought was going to be an amazing new job, but pretty quickly you realize it isn't what it was cracked up to be and it has been a huge let down for one reason or another. What do you do now? How long do you have to stick it out so you don't look like a flake, but at the same time don't muddle through every day in misery?

According to Moneyish, some experts say that you should tough it out for at least a year to 18 months at a minimum or even 18 months to 2 years if you can stand it. However, they go on to say that there are exceptions to the rule, including:

  • If you discover the company's goals conflict with your personal values
  • If you get offered your dream job
  • There is no potential for career growth
  • It could actually hurt your career objectives
  • If you realize the position, workplace culture or your boss are not a good fit for you
  • The situation is affecting you mentally or physically

Now, here are some reasons you should NOT leave a new job:

  • You don't gel with your coworkers
  • You aren't crazy about some of the monotonous duties that come along with your job
  • It's not as exciting as you expected and you're bored

One other thing they say: if you are going to jump ship pretty quickly from a new job, be ready to have a tactful reason as to why you left when you're doing your new job interviews.  Click below to get the whole story: