Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Yahoo Says ALL Accounts Affected By 2013 Security Breach

Remember that big Yahoo security breach a few years ago? Well, it turns out that it was way worse than they originally thought. According to the New York Times, yesterday, Yahoo revealed that ALL 3 billion accounts that they had at the time were affected. Originally, when the 2013 hack was announced last December, they'd said that 1 billion accounts were at risk of personal information being stolen like names, birth dates, phone numbers, security questions & email addresses. Luckily, some of the information that was not disclosed: bank account, credit/debit card or password info.

So why is this big reveal just coming out now? Yahoo maintains that the reason they're now releasing this latest info is because it just became available to them after they had outside experts help with the investigation when they were acquired by Verizon earlier this year.