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Why Cats Love Squeezing In Boxes

Cats love sitting in boxes...there is plenty of proof of that on the internet with all of the pictures and videos people post. But now, researchers are out with the reason why. According to Neuroscience News, it all comes down to feeling safe and secure and that's how squeezing themselves into small spaces makes them feel, as opposed to being out in the open which makes them feel exposed.

In some interesting experiments, cats actually treated a square taped on the ground the same as they would a regular box, so it's thought that there's a psychosomatic effect of security from even a "virtual box."

Now here's the best of all worlds... a cat in a box riding on a Roomba!


Cat in Box on Robot Vacuum

Cats love sitting in boxes. Cats also love riding on Roombas. We present to you... the best of both worlds!

Posted by Crazimals on Tuesday, June 13, 2017