Watch: Your 5 Favorite Celebs Surprise Their Fans

You absolutely love their music, but if you want to love your favorite artists even more, these stories should do the trick.

These artists took time out of world tours, photo shoots, and recording sessions to surprise their biggest fans. Needless to say, the reactions are epic.

Katy Perry poses as modern art

You know when you're in a modern art museum and you can't quite tell if you're staring at an exhibit or just a regular old fire extinguisher? Katy Perry took advantage of that whole issue, and used it to surprise some fans.

Katy Perry Goes Undercover as an Art Exhibit at the Whitney Museum | Vanity Fair

On the latest episode of "Derek Does Stuff with a Friend," Katy Perry and Derek Blasberg take a trip to the Whitney Museum in New York City. Katy is in disguise as artwork as Derek guides museum patrons to the very special exhibit.