Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Badly Injured Tortoise Has A Chance Thanks To 3D Printing Technology & Some Good Samaritans

Technology is giving a little tortoise a second chance. Bless its' little heart. George the sulcata tortoise had gotten out of his owner's back yard in South Florida after Hurricane Irma. That's according to the Tampa Bay Times, that says George had been hit by a car and his shell was severely damaged. But after tirelessly looking for help, his owner found an exotic animal hospital, where Dr. Susan Kelleher, who also has her own TV show on Nat Geo Wild, helped George get a 3D-printed shell from the South Florida Science Center, which they did for free for him. Now, George is on the mend with his snazzy new shell. Read the whole Tampa Bay Times story by clicking HERE. #bNice