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Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez Talk Their Connection & The Advice His Billionaire Mentor Gave Him

For the first time former Major League Baseball phenom turned sportscaster Alex Rodriguez and singer/actress/producer/successful business mogul Jennifer Lopez reveal to Vanity Fair why their relationship works, how they both triumphed over significant life struggles that would have broken most people & about the important advice his unlikely friend--billionaire investor Warren Buffett--gave him.

The couple sweetly details how they met, their first date and how they're "living the dream." A-Rod says he & Jennifer are "twins"--coming from very similar backgrounds and career paths that were also very much alike, complete with some stumbling blocks. When it comes to his connection with Buffett, A-Rod got to know him when Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway was underwriting insurance for his massive contract way back when with the Texas Rangers. The pair has maintained the friendship since then and Buffett has passed along some pearls of wisdom--some simple, but priceless pieces of life and business advice.

A-Rod says the business advice was to never stockpile too much cash, but rather put it into "great businesses"--and to never personally guarantee any debt. When it comes to life, Buffett told him, "Number one: Be the best baseball player you can be. Number two: Always be a gentleman. Be the best guy you can be." A-Rod says, "That was simple, but it was so genius."

For his part, Buffett praises the baseball legend, saying that he has a good "money mind," and that "A-Rod would have done very well in business if he had never seen a baseball." Click Vanity Fair to read the whole story.