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What?!? Coffee Naps Are Officially A Thing!!

Now here's a life hack we can wrap our brains around! Two of our favorite things that we would never have thought have putting together are actually a thing! Coffee Naps. Usually you do one or the other, but now experts are saying that if you drink your fav cup of coffee, then get a little shut eye, you are more alert afterward than if you'd only had one or the other.  According to Men's Health Magazine, Dr. Kerem Bortecen from NYC Surgical Associates says that within 30 minutes of drinking coffee, your nervous system soaks it up, so by taking a quick cat nap after drinking it gives it time to take effect. He adds, "Many people experience tiredness and sleepiness a few hours after lunch during the mid-afternoon, so a brief coffee nap can improve alertness and help enhance and improve short-term memory and mood." Now this is a trend Chadd & I could get into!! Read the whole story at Men's Health Magazine.