Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Phone Acting Up? It Could Be The Cold Weather

If your cell phone doesn't seem to be working as well as it normally does, blame the weather. That's according to Time magazine that says if you've had problems with your battery burning down quickly, your screen display looking wonky, shutting off unexpectedly or even the screen shattering, it could be the weather because Apple says its' iPhones are designed to work optimally in temps above 32 degrees.

While we don't get the crazy cold temps that our friends to the north deal with, it has still been pretty cold even for us, with some spots in the Bay area in the 30s (and other parts in the 40s, but with the wind chill, the "feels like" temps have been in the 30s.)

The fix is simple--keep your phone warm by leaving it in your pocket when you're outside.