Shutterstock / Thanit Weerawan

How To Avoid Getting The Flu

The flu is running rampant across the country. It seems like everybody is sick. But if you've managed to stay healthy so far, how can you do your best to try to avoid getting sick? There are some obvious things to do (washing your hands) and to avoid (touching your face.) There may be some things you didn't think about.

The New York Post has an article with some suggestions of things to avoid (in addition to sick coworkers) including the water cooler/coffee machine at work because while you may be keeping a healthy distance from someone who is coughing and sneezing, they may have touched the same buttons on those machines. And who knows when the last time they were completely wiped down?

Another big offender that we would never have thought of is the liquid soap dispenser in the bathroom. You're supposed to wash your hands a lot, right? However, in the Marketwatch article, author Quentin Fottrell reports that a study in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology indicates that we should beware of liquid soap dispensers--not only the dispenser, but also the soap itself can become contaminated with bacteria. They recommend only using dispensers that are airtight or keeping your own stash.

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