Oli Scarff / Getty Images

#bNice: Man Walks On Legos To Break A Record & Raise Money For Charity

What a fun way to #bNice! Just how far would you go for charity? A Virginia man decided to put his feet to the test to break a world record for walking on Lego bricks to raise awareness and money for a charity group named Fairy Bricks that collects Lego sets to donate to hospitalized children. That's according to the Daily Mail that says the group had a couple thousand sets stolen from their van a couple of months ago, so Russell Cassevah, who's the guy behind the YouTube channel Brainy Bricks, decided to help by raising awareness and donations. He had the goal of walking barefoot through 120 feet on Lego bricks to break the current Guinness World Record record of 85 feet. Watch below to see if he did it! But beware, it might bring back memories of stepping on one in the dark in the middle of the night. Haha!