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If Nothing Else, This Year's Flu Shot May Help You Avoid The Flu's Worst Symptoms

Right now it seems like it is all flu, all the time. Clearly, it has been a very bad flu season and there have been reports about the ineffectiveness of this year's particular flu vaccination. So, is it a waste to even get a flu shot? Experts say "no."

According to Yahoo, one expert--Shane Speights, a dean and associate professor of medicine at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University--has weighed in on the topic. He says that the flu vaccine is "a near match, but not a perfect match" and that while getting it may not prevent you from getting the flu, it may help you avoid the worst symptoms that come along with the creeping crud.

Speights adds, "It starts creating infantry cells so that when you come into contact with the real thing, it has some resistance to fight it off. [This] can still keep people from getting really ill, and if hospitalized, can keep them from dying."