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Washing Your PJs Enough? Probably Not.

If you think you're washing your pajamas enough, you may be sorely mistaken. According to the New York Post, a recent article in The Sun says experts are warning that if you're not changing your PJs enough, you could be putting yourself at risk of some common bugs on our skin, like Staphylococcus aureus, breeding and causing bigger problems like skin infections and even meningitis in some cases. While most of these germs might not normally cause an issue, things can progress if they get into an open cut.

So, how often do you change your pajamas? Are you normal? The average guy, age 18-30, changes his jammies once every 13 nights--with women being less likely to change theirs that much, according to a recent study.

Well, the experts say that is not nearly enough--you should be changing your pajamas at least every third time you wear them--and at the very least, they say you should wash them a minimum of once per week.