Getty Images / Christopher Polk

#bNice: Ellen Spotlights Good Deeds & Gives Audience $1 Million

Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her birthday by doing a major random act of kindness. According to Glamour Magazine, she has a campaign going on with Cheerios called "One Million Acts Of Good," in which she had encouraged people to do good deeds and has been spotlighted good stories. Well, Friday, she had a major surprise for her studio audience that was comprised of people who'd all done good things for others, like a teacher who donated a kidney to one of her students and a couple who helped Hurricane Harvey victims.

Ellen gave all of them a Cheerios box, but instead of being filled with cereal, each box had a portion of $1 million divided between all of the audience members, which ended up being about $2,500 each. She told the audience, “I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good.”