Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Funny Video: Kelly Clarkson Takes The ALS Hot Pepper Challenge

Singer Kelly Clarkson is the latest celebrity to take the newest challenge out there to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease, which affects the nervous system--the ALS Pepper Challenge.

You might remember a few years ago in 2014, the famous Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions for ALS research. This most recent challenge was created by the Haberstroh family to honor their mom Patty, a social worker, who was diagnosed with ALS at the end of last year.

Country singer Trisha Yearwood is the one who dared Kelly her to eat a habañero. Kelly took a tiny bite out of the orange pepper and the tears started rolling, as she exclaimed, "My tongue is on fire! My actual tooth hurts… is that my molar?” Watch the video Kelly posted to her page: