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Chadd & Kristi Show: Cyber Security, Disney Happy Meals, New Dating Terms & More

Here's what happened this morning on the Chadd & Kristi Show: Why certain websites are safer, Disney toys coming back to Happy Meals, there are new dating terms for 2018, Taylor Swift's adorable cat video, plus what's trending & more!

Some of the top things people have been talking about over the past 24 hours:

  • Twitch--The video game site was the top search for a couple of reasons. First, because of the backlash against one streamer who admitted to something horrible--and secondly because the site announced new skins and loot for the game Fortnite.
  • Wreck It Ralph 2 Movie--This garnered a bunch of google searches as the full trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel was released.
  • Full Moon--Because it seems like every full moon has to have a name, this racked up a bunch of google searches. The March full moon is referred to as the Worm Moon.

7:10am b Morning Brainteaser: This morning's question was "According to a survey, how long does it take the average adult to get ready for work in the morning?" The answer: 20 minutes

Passwords: Turns out those websites that give you a prompt about whether the password you're creating is weak, good or strong are more likely to be more secure for users. In fact, EurekAlert! says research finds that they're up to 40% more likely to make choices secure.

Disney Toys In McDonald's Happy Meals: For the first time in over a decade, McDonald's & Disney are working together again. The move comes after the initial rift because Disney wanted to promote healthier options, but now McDonald's has stepped up nutrition and ingredients in Happy Meals.  Fox News says Disney toys will appear in Happy Meals again beginning as soon as June in connection with the release of "The Incredibles 2."

New Social Media Site Vero Gains In Popularity: There's a new social media site that's gaining in popularity. Well, it's kinda new. Vero has been around since 2015, but over the past week has seen a big uptick in downloads. Is it because of yet another Facebook algorithm change to our news feeds? Is it because a lot of people are annoyed with the most recent Snap Chat update? Actually, they don't quite know why. According to Women's Health, one theory is because Vero does not use an algorithm and posts in your feed are in chronological order, as opposed to Facebook & Instagram, both of which use an algorithm to determine what shows up in your feed, when--or if--it shows up.

Amazon Buys Smart Doorbell For More Than $1 Billion: You know that saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Well, here's proof of how true that is. A man named Jamie Siminoff was turned away by the experts on the hit TV Show Shark Tank 5 years ago for his wifi-enabled doorbell that connects to home video cameras to alert homeowners to people at their front door. Clearly, he was devastated, but it didn't dampen his resolve to make his device and company "Ring" a success. According to Newser, that resolve has paid off after this week Amazon announced they have made a deal with Siminoff to buy his smart doorbell for more than $1 billion, making it one of Amazon's biggest purchases to date.

New Dating Terms For 2018: Move over "ghosting"--that is just soooo are the new dating trends you need to know to keep up in 2018.

  • Ghostbusting: When you don't take no for an answer. When someone ghosts you, you force them to reply.
  • Caspering: When you send a 1 or 2 line message letting someone know that you're just not that into them, then you disappear.
  • Marleying: When an ex messages you out of nowhere at Christmastime a la Jacob Marley's ghost and the ghost of Christmas Past.)
  • Shave Ducking: This is when you fear you are only into someone because of their beard.
  • Sidebarring: When you message friends while you're on a date with someone.


Taylor Swift shared a video of her cats on her Instagram page yesterday. Why? Because who can get enough of cute cat videos!?!

In this house, there is no correct or incorrect way to relax.

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