Kristi Thomas

Chadd & Kristi: A Kohl's/Aldi Mash Up, Selfies, BOGO Burritos

Happy Friday! On this morning's show: Kohl's & Aldi are teaming up, should non-smokers get extra vacation time, the reason why your selfie doesn't look right and more!

Here are 3 of the top things people were curious about over the past 24 hours:

Holi--A lot of people were googling this. (I did because it showed up on my phone calendar and I had no idea what it was.) It is South Asia's Spring Festival.

Weather--This was a, cold...topic because a strong nor'easter is predicted for our friends to the north, so people were googling everything from New York & Boston weather to school closings.

Xbox Live--Gamers everywhere freaked out when there was an Xbox Live outage yesterday.

7:10am b Morning Brainteaser

How many people would ask a guest to take their shoes off in their home? The answer:  30% say they would have no problem asking a guest to take their shoes off.

Here's what else is going on: 

A Kohl's/Aldi Mashup? Yes, there's word that the 2 franchises are going to be teaming up for a pilot program in a few locations, to start. That's according to USA Today that reports that while the 2 won't share space per se, they'll be right next door to each other with Kohl's shrinking their store size and leasing space out to Aldi.

Do you plan to watch The Oscars?  When those gold statues are being handed out on Sunday, what are some of the reasons people won't be watching? Many of our listeners say it's simply because it has gotten too political. Could it also be a lack of interest in the nominated films? A Survey Monkey poll says that 65% of people reveal they see 2 or fewer of the movies nominated for Best Picture every year.

Buy one get one free burrito day at Chipotle--Wear a hockey jersey into participating Chipotle locations today and get a buy one get one free burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos. Click HERE to get the whole scoop.

Survey of the day: Should non-smokers in the workplace get extra time off to compensate them for the time off smoking coworkers get for smoke breaks?  According to USA Today, a new survey from e-cigarette maker Halo find that 42% of non-smokers said they deserve 3 to 5 extra vacation days a year--and 28% of smokers said they think that is fair. The survey also found that many smokers said they'd quit smoking in exchange for 11 extra days off a year.

Can't seem to get that SELFIE right? There may be a reason why. Turns out that those close up shots make our noses look 30% bigger. That's according to the Journal of the American Medical Association that reports an increased numbef of people going in for plastic surgery procedures because of a skewed perception based on the photos they have taken of themselves. One suggestion for better pics, experts recommend that the camera needs to be 5 feet away to get an accurate representation of you.

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