Bachelor Backlash, Possible Florida Daylight Saving Time Change, Madonna Kim K Mash-Up & More

This morning on the show: Could Florida be going to Daylight Saving Time all the time? Plus, there's a firestorm over The Bachelor finale, Madonna could be joining forces with Kim Kardashian West, you can now browse through Disney theme parks virtually and more!

The top things being searched for on-line over the past 24 hours:

Champions League--Soccer ( fans were clamoring for info because it is down to the finals.

Jeff Bezos--The Amazon founder has become the first mega-billionaire, becoming what they're calling a Centi-billionaire by passing the $100 billion net worth mark with his net worth now estimated at $127 billion.

Christopher Robin--The trailer for the live action Winnie The Pooh movie came out yesterday. Here it is if you missed it.

7:10am b Morning Brainteaser Question:

What day of the week are most babies born? Your choices were: Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday. Well, according to Parenting Magazine, the most babies are born on Tuesday.

8:10am Elementary School Pop Quiz Question:

What is the world's largest ocean? The Pacific Ocean

Here's what else is going on:

The Bachelor Nation Is Up In Arms: Last night was the 2nd part of this season's finale and was it ever drama filled after Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to one of the ladies initially, then after being engaged for a couple of weeks, decided he'd chosen the wrong girl. Here's where the backlash comes in: viewers are outraged that he did it on while the cameras were rolling. Social media went crazy with disdain, but host Chris Harrison contends that it was the right decision to show the whole thing, telling ABC's Good Morning America, “There was no way Arie was going to do this and look great.” He continued, “In my opinion, you don’t get to just tell the fairytales.”

Florida On Year Round Daylight Saving Time? It's a possibility that when we Spring Forward an hour this weekend that's where we could stay for good. That's according to News Channel 8 that reports that the Florida Senate has approved a bill called the "Sunshine Protection Act" to do just that. The bill is on its' way to Governor Scott for his signature. If he goes for it, then it will have to go to Congress for them to approve it. So why are they pushing for the change? They contend that it is safer, particularly on the roads.

Narcissist or Stressed Out? If you have that friend (or maybe it's you) that is talking about herself or himself like crazy are they totally into themselves or overly anxious? EurekAlert says there's new research out of the University of Arizona that indicates that they may be under emotional distress and that's how it's coming out. The study found that people that used words like "I," "me," and "my" a lot, as in like 2,000 times a day (the average person uses about 16,000 words a day total)--may tend to be more likely to be affected by emotional stress.

Disney Theme Parks Added To Google Street View: Ever dreamed of browsing through ALL of the Disney theme parks? According to TechCrunch, now you can do it virtually since Google Maps has added Street View pics for 11 of the parks in the U.S. Check it out by clicking HERE. 



A Madonna-Kim Kardashian West Mash Up? Sort of. After an instagram post by Madonna at an Oscars after-party, there's speculation that the Material Girl's new skin care company MDNA Skin could be partnering with Kim's KKW Beauty after Madonna tagged the post with "A foreshadowing of things to come #beauty #skincare #workinggirls #oscar #fun #mdnaskin #thermalwaters #holywater @jr @kimkardashian @mdnaskin.”