A Disabled Veteran's Sons Pass His Specially Equipped Car To Another Vet

This story from the Tampa Bay Times is amazing.

Shannon Richmond is an Army veteran who has been in a wheelchair since being paralyzed by a bullet almost three years ago.

She wasn't wounded in combat, rather she was injured in a drive-by shooting at a gas station in Cleveland, leaving her home bound and relying on others. For Richmond, a singe mother of two, getting around has been a hardship to say the least.

That's when a Facebook post and some friends helped point Ian Smith and his brother Troy in Shannon's direction.

The Smith brothers had recently lost their father, former Army 1st Sgt. Robert Smith, in January. The elder Smith was a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient who had lost his legs and needed a specially-equipped car to get around. The Smith brothers saw this as an opportunity to help another veteran struggling to achieve mobility and independence.

Someone like Shannon Richmond.

"We decided to do this for our father, because he tried as much as he could to help out veterans," Army Master Sgt. Ian Smith told the Tampa Bay Times.

What a great story! The Smith brothers are so kind to do this - this will definitely help Shannon regain some of her freedom!