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Chadd & Kristi Show: Spring Forward, Another 90's Show Reboot, Spring Break Warning & More

On the Chadd & Kristi Show this morning, get ready to Spring Forward, plus this weekend is the Grand Prix in St. Pete, another 90s show is being brought back, there's a Spring Break security warning and more!

St. Pete Grand Prix: If you're going to be in downtown St. Pete this weekend, get ready for the excitement, the crowds--and the noise. The St. Pete Grand Prix  gets underway today and runs through Sunday.

It's Time To Spring Forward: It's time for Daylight Saving Time to go into effect this weekend when we turn our clocks forward an hour in the wee hours Sunday morning. Yesterday, we found out a few ways experts say losing that extra hour of sleep may affect us. They say that the first night after springing forward, you'll sleep 40 minutes less, the 2nd night you'll sleep 20 minutes less and night 3, you should finally be back to normal. 2) The loss of that extra hour of sleep may also have you web surfing more than usual at work on non-work related searches on Monday. 3) Every year, there's a spike in the number of heart attacks the day after Daylight Saving Time goes into effect. Check out to see some of the other ways the time change could affect you.

Another 90s Show Is Getting A Reboot: The Huffington Post reports that Nickelodeon is bringing back uber-popular kids show Blue’s Clues with 20 new episodes, featuring the adorable animated puppy Blue.  They haven't hired a new host yet. They're going to be doing open tryouts April 14th in Burbank for those who want to throw their name in the hat to take over for Steve and Donovan, the show's previous hosts.

Here's what else is going on:

YouTube Tutorials: Sure, lots of us have logged on to watch a video of how to do something on YouTube. Here's the thing, just because we've watched, doesn't necessarily mean that we have picked up a new skill despite lots of us thinking it does. According to the Daily Mail, a new University of Chicago study of our 10,000 people found that these instructional videos make many people overconfident in their actual ability. The head of the study, Michael Kardas says, "Anyone who goes online to look up tips before attempting a skill [...] would benefit from knowing that they might be overconfident in their own abilities after watching, and should exercise caution before attempting similar skills themselves."

The Demise Of Toys 'R Us: Last year the toy giant filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but now Bloomberg says that soon Toys 'R Us may close its' doors permanently. The report says it doesn't appear that Toys 'R Us is going to be able to restructure its debt, so it may have to liquidate all of its assets--and to date hasn't been able to find someone to buy the struggling company.

Wear Your Pancakes For Charity: IHOP is continuing its efforts to raise money for charity. Recently, they collected donations on Free Pancake Day that benefited charity, including Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, like Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. Well, FoodBeast says they're at it again with a limited edition line of loungewear with breakfast food designs. Their Pancakewear Collection including a variety of PJs, including pants, onesies and socks with a prints of pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee. The best part is that half the proceeds will go to the Children's Miracle Network as a part of IHOP's 50 Days of Giving initiative. You'll find the items, which should ship at the end of the month, on IHOP's eBay charity sites.

Spring Break Warning: Planning on a Spring Break trip to Mexico? Think again if you're going to Playa del Carmen. The State Department has put out a security warning about the popular vacation destination after reports of an explosive device was found on a tourist ferry last week.

Get ready to go down another rabbit hole of internet surfing: For the 2nd time this week Google Street View has debuted something very cool. First, it was a look at 11 different Disney theme parks. Now, Google Street View has unveiled their service from a dog's perspective, according to Fox. The only thing is that right now it's available on Google Japan. No word on when we might get a pooch's glimpse in the U.S.

Here's What's Trending:

Paralympics 2018--The inspirational annual competition gets underway & google marked the occasion by making it the featured Google Doodle, which pushed it to the top of the searches over the past 24 hours.

A Wrinkle In Time--The new fantasy movie based on the popular children's book, featuring Oprah, Reese Witherspoon & Mindy Kaling, opens today.

Tiger Woods--Tiger is in the Tampa Bay area for the big Valspar Championship at Innisbrook, where he pulled a young fan out of the crowd after seeing the t-shirt he was wearing had "Tiger, my mom wants your autograph" written on it.

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